Friday, December 14, 2012

How Do You Like Your Grout?

One decision that threw me a little bit on my recent kitchen renovation was what color to grout my subway tile.  There are about a million grout color choices, and I spent some serious time hemming and hawing in the aisles of Lowes (and had a bag of gray grout rip open on my head as I reached for it on a high shelf, leaving me looking like a coal miner).

We started with white, but ultimately switched over to charcoal to help make the dark granite counters (which we kept) relevant.  It was a bit daunting watching the application...

Here are some other examples of kitchens using white or ivory subway tile with a darker grout, all via pinterest...

But, I really do love how these kitchens that used white grout look, too!  

Hope I made the right decision....
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love this Deb........dramatic have to have fun with a room you spend so much time in and this kitchen looks like a place where I would love to spend hours.......BRAVO..job well done.