Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cubist Self Portraits

A couple of days ago, strolling around my twins' elementary school, I happened upon a bulletin board showcasing their "Cubist Self-Portraits".  Apparently, from what I could squeeze out of them, the assignment involved painting themselves twice - each time portraying a different emotion (happy, surprised, excited), cutting them up, and pasting the various pieces together.  What a brilliant assignment, and I just love the results... so much that I could picture a room designed around the final products...

Here's Ellie's... it's very her, especially the heart on her chest that apparently made its way into both self-portaits (as it should have!).  I love the dark lashes and eyebrow; ironic as hers are so blonde they're invisible (a couple of years ago she lamented, "I'm the only girl in kindergarten with no eyebrows!").

I could picture her self-portait in a room like this, girly but not too trite, with a nod to some of the animals she loves so much....

And here's my sharp Emma.  She looks about this disheveled on an average day, no joke!  I always try to let her be herself, and kind of despise admire that she is so headstrong!  

She'd sooner die than appear in any shade of pink, and her room would need to reflect that...

Rug and chair from Land of Nod
Storage baskets and bedding from Serena and Lily
Owl bank from Jonathan Adler
Pouf from Overstock
Lamp from Robert Abbey
Bunting from Etsy

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