Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Decorating Apps

Check out these fun and useful apps for iPhone - so great!

1. Yard Sale (free): See all yard sales within a 20 mile radius, and use the map feature to get you there! Head out any Thursday-Sunday to hunt for those "diamonds in the rough" to refurb, repaint, rehab, and reupholster.
2. iHandy Carpenter ($1.99): Use the ruler to measure smaller objects, and the level to straighten horizonally or vertically as you work on hanging that picture just right! 3. Color Snap (free): Take a photo of that flower on your couch or other upholstery/fabric, and Sherwin Williams will match the color, and suggest two complementary ones.

4. ColorChange ($2.99): If you'd like to know what your living room would look like painted navy blue before you take the plunge, take a photo with your phone, and then "paint" the walls for a sneak preview/reality check!5. Ben Color Capture (free): Take a picture on your phone, and use this app to find six similar colors ("strip"), or four complementary colors ("harmony").

For other great apps to help you decorate, entertain, organize, and shop, see the original House Beautiful article here.

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