Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready for Their Close-Up

A few weeks ago, I won a 'lovey' portrait by artist Holly Johnson at a local fundraising auction.  I made this purchase for one my five year olds, Emma, who harbors an exceptionally strong attachment to her two lovies, Scratchy Nonnie and Softie Nonnie.   

The incredibly strong bond a child has for his or her lovey may escape you if either you do not have young people in your life, or if you do have children but they mercifully do not have a strong bond with stuffed creatures you've lost fifteen dozen times.  For Emma, Scratchy and Softie are the absolute center of her universe.  When a couple of years ago I showed Emma the ultrasound photo of her and her twin sister in my belly, her first question was "where are scratchy and softie"?  (Implying I birthed not only twins, but three nonnies as well - getting me close to Octo-Mom status)

Scratchy and Softie posed for Holly last week, in preparation for the sketches that will become Emma's painting.  I love the names Holly gave the pictures when she sent them to me:

"Nonnies Ear to Ear"
"Nonnies Interrupted"
"Nonnies Discussing"
"Nonnies Relaxing"

The photo I choose will be turned into a masterpiece like those you see below:

Which would you choose?


  1. Nonnies ear to ear...precious! But beware...Miss Emma might insist on sleeping with/carrying the portrait around as well ;-)

    Auntie Sasa

  2. Ear to Ear.

    What a sweet idea, and what a sweet gift for Emma.

  3. I say ear to ear. I am going to have to get one of these made for Braids. She has Gerry, Moonie and "Big" Gerry!

    Liking the blog. Good luck with it!