Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Recap - Shopping Southampton in 60 Minutes or Less

As if my Saturday stop at Brimfield didn't provide enough blogging design eye-candy for a lifetime, I was lucky enough to spend  24 hours on the East End of Long Island, visiting various friends from my childhood.  It was difficult to leave my little girls behind (only the second night I've ever left all three), especially after learning of design blogger and mom Marija's death in a car accident during an antiquing roadtrip last weekend.  That news really gave me pause, and I almost didn't go, but it was worth it to have the opportunity to visit with special people from my past, and of course to get a (very) few minutes of shopping in to boot!

I had about 60 minutes to shop Southampton with my mom, who of course I had to keep on task!  You'll find a roundup of our favorite shops and finds below...

First stop was the elegant home shop and design firm Hound Hill Design featuring impeccably displayed home furnishings, accessories and some insanely awesome lighting.  The fixture pictured in the background of the last photo would have satisfied my quest for a chinoiserie chandelier that I blogged about here (but I've moved on).

The Indian hand block printed collection of  Roberta Roller Rabbit was my favorite, and most fruitful, stop of the hour.

Some of my findings...

My youngest daughter's room got a boost with this pink and orange Roberta Roller Rabbit rug.  They don't sell them online, but the Southampton store had a small but adorable collection of cotton flatweaves.

The rug purchase inspired me to finally put up the fabric hoops I assembled with some favorite pink and orange fabrics.  It's starting to come together...

Privet Cove had the most incredible display and collections of all things coral, starfish, seashell and so on.  Not much use to me since I'm a pool and lake person, but I just loved it all!

The interiors of J. McLaughlin's Southampton store are beyond stunning.  Just love the ceiling, and the drool-worthy, enormous Chinoiserie lanters.  I'll take it all!

I got a particular kick out of their kelly green imperial trellis inspired dress:

I can wear it in my mudroom if I ever want to disappear into the woodwork, so to speak.

The Elegant Setting featured this adorable starfish display, and had a super offering of stationary, paper goods and other table wares.

Our last stop was Hildreth's, an historic home department store with wide offerings for home, bath, kids, lighting and so forth.  Loved the Lulu DK and John Robshaw bedding displays!

I'm sure I missed quite a few amazing stores, but I needed to catch three ferries and drive a few hours to try to see my girls before bedtime!

What did you find this weekend?


  1. What a fun looking trip. I love your blog!! I just found it via surfing around regarding the martha blog event. :)

  2. Welcome Jen, and thanks for checking it out!
    :) Deb