Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Loving the NERD!

Microsoft has an office in Cambridge, lovingly called the NERD.  Yep you read it correctly, it stands for New England Research and Development.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting the office and WOW! you should see the public space.  There is a two story atrium overlooking the Boston harbor (which is the hottest ticket in town for the 4th of July Fireworks!) with a phenomenal sweeping wooden stairway that doubles as stadium seating, as well as a relaxation "pod", game room and open format kitchen.  The space is used by the employees on a daily basis and also frequently used for speakers, meetings, lectures, and so forth.  The sleek modern functional design is even green.  Take a peek!  And if you ever have a chance to visit - just say yes!  I'm sure you'll love the NERD too!!

The entrance to the atrium space... this cool seat is under the steps.

Look at all those windows!!!!  Here is also an image of how the 11th floor floats above the 10th.

 "Bing" pong...and Rock Band....tee hee!

An overview of the space:

2010 Work spaces with spectacular views of Boston and the harbor:

A super cool light fixture and dual function table:

Have you visited any inspirational spaces lately? Send us your photos!

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