Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogger After Party: The Collective

One of my favoite aspects of our trip to New York City for the Nate Berkus Show Tuesday was the fascinating decor at The Collective, site of the after-party for design bloggers hosted by The Nest.

All of the decor at The Collective was crafted from 'found objects' by local artists, and the results are spectacular.  I loved the lighting fixtures in particular - check out these pieces created from plastic cups and straws, styrofoam, plastic hangers, empty prescription pill bottles, laundry scoops, and a parking meter.

My favorite piece of furniture?  This chair crafted from a 'walk/don't walk' sign that still lights up:

Chairs crafted  from other traffic signs:

Notice the lego pieces filling the brick wall in the background?  A concept I blogged about here:

Loving the blue jean sofa:

Oh, and is that what you do with an ironing board?  I wouldn't know (clearly, if you saw my shirt this morning).

A bit hard to tell from the photo, but this couch and accompanying chairs are crafted from a pedestal bath tub, a wacky and fun (but probably uncomfortable) concept I previously blogged about here:

Support columns are spiced up using a variety of jewels in the first photo, and red plastic straws in the second:

I don't usually think of license plates as particularly pliable, but check out the birds they've become at one corner of the bar:

And lastly, a fun molding vingette:

Photos of our bar car design challenge entry will be on The Nest's website tomorrow.  Take a peek and vote for Living Livelier's entry!


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