Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loco for Lego Design

My twin 5 year old girls have recently become loco for legos in a major way!  My husband is thrilled to finally have something to play with them that does not (necessarily) involve a member of the princess conglomerate, and I'm less than thrilled to have that many more miniscule pieces of plastic to keep out of baby sister's trachea/nose/diaper etc.

The girls were delighted when I showed them this kitchen island made entirely of legos!  

Aparment Therapy (unplggd)

And what a contrast to the elegant wall we catch a climpse of in the background.  The Mrs. must have been in charge of that room.

And take a look at James May's Surrey house made entirely of legos!  It even boasts a functioning lego sink and faucets.

My favorite lego design project?  Check out British videogame programmer Mike Stimson's shots of his recreations of historic photographs using legos.

Lastly, German artist Jan Vormann uses legos to fill holes in real world buildings though his project Dispatchwork.  Most recently, he has worked targetting damage from World War II in Berlin.

If your household includes any little (or big) lego fans, check out the Lego Games summer tour by clicking here.  And if you're local, today's your big day to see what's new for legos in 2010, and to guess the number of bricks in the Minotaur model, at Boston City Hall Plaza from 10a.m. - 6p.m.

In other news, thanks to Emily Clark for including a picture of my mudroom on her blog yesterday.  Check it out here.



  1. I loved your entryway over at Emily's blog. And I've used the famous lego photos to teach photography to a high school class lol.

  2. Thanks Julia! Do you teach high school photography? Sounds challenging! I used to teach high school history - tough by fun! Thanks for checking out the blog!