Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What to Do With An Extra $12.9 Million this West Village townhouse, owned by Billy Joel and his most recent former Mrs, Katie Lee.  And invite me over pronto, natch.

This 4000 square foot home was decorated by Oprah's design boy toy, the uber-talented Nate Berkus.  While I personally love and use a ton of color, I'm going for the serene and light neutrals used in most of these rooms.  Check out the lighting fixtures - totally decadent, and totally awesome.

You can see Katie Lee give Oprah viewers a tour of her incredible home in happier times here.  From what I remember of Katie and Billy in the sit-down that followed?  Her: adorable, sweet, and sincere. Him: apparently dragged to Chicago for the taping completely against his will and not afraid to show it (and this is coming from a huge Billy Joel fan!).  Perhaps he was too busy calculating how many more times he'd have to play Piano Man to a sold out crowd to cover the cost of his young wife's gold-leaf closet (shown further below).


To see the complete Perry Street listing, click here.  I'll bring a house plant to the house warming.
P.S. You might have to go halfsies with Lebron James, who's rumored to be interested.


  1. Thanks for the tour - and I didn't even have to put my shoes on! Loved your foyer on Emily's blog and my first visit to your blog!