Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Do...Love Flowers!!

I do. Two simple words that speak volumes. I absolutely adore weddings. I'd kinda forgotten about weddings as we are in a bit of a wedding "lull" and have moved into the "baby" stage with most of our friends.  I loved our wedding 10+ years ago and would love to have another "wedding" with my husband anyday.   Here we are:
We attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday night. The flowers, the dress, the music, the food - ah delight!  The way the bride and groom looked in each others' eyes would melt a steel I-beam.  Which is probably why I felt compelled to buy the new Real Simple Weddings magazine which caught my eye in the checkout line. (Read: sucker!) But I have to tell you it is amazing! It is chock full of striking photos, wonderful ideas and lists to please the most diligent list maker.

Did I mention the flowers?  Wow! I would use these bouquets for a dinner party or more elaborate event!  The shape of the arrangements are very "wedding" but you could loosen them up and pop them in a vase because the flower combinations, textures and colors are simply stunning.

If you are interested in the symbolism of flowers, this is an amazing reference!

Inspired design that resemble some fun interiors I know!!

See the lovely living room with an orange, turquoise palette! 

See the room that with the same color palette here! And more pink and orange inspired rooms!

Any volunteers for a room inspired by these color palettes?

Fabric boards from Real Simple

And there is a new florist in Winchester call Fino Fresh Design that looks phenomenal - I haven't bought anything yet, but rest assured if this is what their work looks like I will!!!
Images from Fino Fresh Flowers

Have you seen any inspiring cut flowers lately?!?


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