Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Etsy Giveaway: Belly Babies Print

Since we moved in to our "new" 120 year-old house almost two years ago, I've detested pretty much everything about my daughters' shared bathroom - the ugly blue (fake) tile, the horrific blue countertop, the iradescent bathtub tiles that clash with the other blues, the completely random mirror and contemporary hardware.  As you'll see below, I've gone for the cheap fixes so far: changing out the hardware, and distracting with colorful wall decals, accessories, and my girls' framed school projects masterpieces!

My favorite addition lately?  These adorable framed prints from etsy seller Belly Babies:

Check out her other whimsical offerings below, and leave a comment with your favorite to enter our giveaway for a free 8 x 10 print!


Good luck,


  1. I need a 2nd one - I like "wash your hands"!

  2. Adorable. Of course, I have to go with Brush Your Teeth!

  3. Wash your hands! Boy would that save me about, oh I don't know...546 minutes a day that I repeat that exact phrase!

  4. So cute. I am trying to update the shared bathroom that my girls share. Would love to hang something just for them in there!

  5. I like the initial prints! I would love to get one for my son's room!


  6. somehow brossez vos dents come across so much better than cepillete las dientes. i'd love it either way.

  7. I like the wash and brush, but I'll go with the alphabet. Quick etsy question...how do you order more then 1 of anything?! I imagine it always says "1 in stock" to get you to hurry up and order, but can you ever get 2? I'm sure I'm just missing some button somewhere...
    Anyone else have this problem?