Friday, July 9, 2010

Porch Blues

Living Livelier/Bryant Park Designs would like to welcome our intern Becky, a student of design and architecture at Vanderbilt University.  Check out her post for us on "Porch Blues" below!

I was on a walk in Chatham, MA the other day and noticed a few of the classic cape-style houses had porch ceilings that were painted sky blue. Charmed by these cerulean-hued ceilings, I realized the effect must be all the more day-brightening when experienced from inside the porch. 

Some of my favorite porches featuring blue-painted ceilings:

Haint blue ceilings, as they are called "promote a calming, cooling and relaxing atmosphere," and originated as a means to ward off evil spirits, according to the Washington Post.

Added benefit: many home owners swear that sky blue ceilings help keep bugs, spiders, and other pests away from the house.

This cottage porch featured in House Beautiful uses Morning Glory by Benjamin Moore to enliven and open up the space.

Thinking about painting your porch ceiling?  Some hues to consider: Benjamin Moore Ice Blue, Morning Glory, Crystal Blue, Robin's Nest, and Whispering Spring. Sherwin-Williams Atmospheric and Meander Blue.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great post, Becky! I love the Morning Glory...and just in time for us to paint *our* porch ceiling :-)