Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calgon Take me Away!

I am probably dating myself, but if you watched TV in the 80's you might remember a very frazzled Mom relaxing in a tub filled with water softened by "Calgon" at the end of the day.  (Oh the power of advertising that I remember it to this day!) Fast forward twenty or so years and I have never identified more with that "Mom".  When I saw this circular tub that's what popped into my mind!

What an escape this would be!

House Beautiful featured this "Hers & His" bath, designed by Michael Richman as their November "Bath of the Month".  (All images courtesy of House Beautiful)

Her vanity and sink:
His vanity and sink:

The view from "his" bath is Michigan Avenue in Chicago:

And get this - the owner designed these baths to create a "WOW" bachelor pad...he now has found the "right" girl and she is thrilled with her new bath!   Lucky!

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  1. I can't imagine such a serene beautiful place in the middle of downtown Chicago. It must be so odd to take a quiet bath and then gaze down at the bustling Michigan Ave right after.