Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dancing and Decorating with Windsor Smith

You may well have seen the second issue of Rue Magazine by now (and if you haven't, click here to see all 200 plus pages of its edgy fashion and interiors eye candy).  I had a total "aha" moment when reading the feature about Windsor Smith, the successful interior designer responsible for lush rooms like the one you see below:  

Turns out that Windsor Smith was a dancer (like yours truly) before turning to decorating and design as a career.  While I've always felt on some visceral level that studying and working in the performing arts prepared and inspired me for decorating,  Ms. Smith articulated her sense of the connection so beautifully, and it really resonated with me.

me :)

Smith says, "when I look back I had the perfect education for it without even knowing it.  I was a dancer, so I see in lines and forms.  I innately understand balance and proportion from years of ballet classes and learning choreography...You develop an acute sense of balance, and can identify what is not in line by watching your reverse image in the mirror. You really develop your visual skills to a hyper degree."

And the best line.... Smith's advice to "hungry and injured dancers" (I was both, for quite some time) - to become decorators!

Enjoy the bold interiors she created for a large West Coast family - both timeless and funky, elegant yet fun...

Click here to view the pieces available for sale from Smith's Home Collection, including this swoon-worthy round entryway settee:

Safe travels, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Funny - I was a dancer too until I hurt my neck. While never professional to the capacity I could live off my earnings, it was a nice supplemental income. Any case, I totally agree that dancers see the world in a different light. I notice lines of furniture, the curve of an arm and the out turn of a leg......I notice how light falls and what shadows are created in a home. It is so true!!!!

  2. Deb, so exciting to see these passions of yours take a new form! I love the new logo and catching as many posts as I can just simply to look at something lovely!

    Keep it up and looking forward to the house tour Sunday!