Monday, November 8, 2010

Junk Heroes

I perpetually search Boston's Craigslist listings using the term "faux bamboo" (among others), and I finally hit the jackpot a couple of weeks ago!

My search led me to a $35 faux bamboo dresser and mirror that I committed to buy on the spot.  The seller:  "Junk Heroes"- a company that cleans out junk from homes and businesses, and sells off some of the inventory in their random Sharon, MA "outlet".

Here it is in my garage:

The dresser got a new home as a sideboard in my dining room, and the mirror is perched over my dresser in our master bedroom.

Unfortunately, only six of the nine handles are intact, but for $35, I'll take it.  Readers, any suggestions as to where I can go to find hardware that would look amazing on this piece?  I started a massive search last night, but the usual suspects left me hangin'.

When I went to pick up the dresser, I of course happened upon a ton of other affordable "junk" that needed to come home with me...

I picked up this pair of gold mirrored candle sconces for $9, perfect to flank our daughters' art collage I blogged about here.

And at $5 for the pair, I couldn't resist a couple of more silhouettes for my silhouette powder room...

This Henredon moss couch is perfect for the spare room created my twins' decision to bunk up together.  

It reminds me of one of my favorite affordable couches on the market right now - the "Willow" couch at Z Gallerie.

Some pieces were hard to pass up, but I tried... how did I manage to live 34 years on this earth without Mary and Jesus paint-by-number artwork?

Here are some other pieces they have right now - all $60 and under, and all with great potential...

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I use the same search! I love that Henredon sofa. You are a nicer mom than I am, though -- I haven't given my twin boys an option NOT to bunk up! ;-) I figure they will ask for it one of these days, though ...

  2. My Goodness - you ladies are sure keeping yourself these pieces and the best part is the price.
    Keep shopping

  3. Just a quick update on the Junk Heros Outlet in Sharon...
    I stopped in there today March 15, only to find the place empty. A guy from the business next door told me they moved sometime since March 1, and he thought they were out of business...
    Too bad, they had some interesting sruff, and I bought a like-new rangetop there.
    Maybe they will pop up at some other location, who knows.
    BP, Holliston MA.