Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Eve Tablescapes!

Now that the holidays are behind us (WOW - time flies!)  we are now on to New Year's Eve!  If you are looking for great tablescape ideas, look no further, Courtney Lake from the Blog "Courtney Out Loud" has created two inspirational and afforadable New Year's Eve tablescapes for us.  Have a look!

The "bright and bold" version:
The bright and bold tablescape was my first take on a non-traditional holiday table using colors you normally don't associate with the holidays.  It was my take on what a NYE day table would look like if set for a late afternoon casual brunch after the owners of the house got in from a late night of partying with friends.  I tend to do stories in my head for each project I do because it helps me set the tone.  So for this tablescape, the wife is a bit of a boho chic kinda woman who loves bright colors but done in saturated tones.  She likes JCrew but loves to mix in the vintage pieces she finds at her local shop and when she goes to visit her Mom in Palm Springs.  The husband lets her decorate the way she wants but prefers a bit more modern vibe, so he likes chrome, glass and silver and hard lines.  He loves his Tod driving loafers and is quite particular on how his  barber cuts his modern shaggy yet business appropriate mop of hair.

The "light and bright" version:
I imagined that this was the sister to the original tablescape owner.  This sister is a little more traditional and reserved,  and while she appreciates her older sister's panache, she and her husband prefer something more traditional and classic in their home.  They enjoy estate sales where they get their crystal and adore light and mono-chromatic color schemes.  She loves Max Mara, carries an understated Louis Vuitton bag (no monogram print for her) and reads Traditional Home on the weekend.  Her husband is a lawyer who appreciates his wife's eye for elegance and most of her design decisions.

Here is the  breakdown of the color-laden table:

Tablecloth: Crate & Barrel 90in round ($25 at outlet)
Plates & Salad Plates: Anthropologie ($7.99 for plate and $3.50 for salad plate)
Blue juice glasses: Anthropologie ($1.95 each)
Wine glasses: Ross Dress for Less ($5 on sale for the whole set!)
Flatware: Mix of vintage mother of peal pieces from eBay and everyday flatware from Costco :)
Napkins: Pier One ($2 each)
Centerpiece: A mix of existing holiday ornaments from Target & Michaels, plastic & birds from the Dollar Store and a found branch spray painted silver.
Votive candles: Michaels ($1 each)
Flower Vases: Ikea drinking glasses
Flowers: Carnations from Safeway ($4.99)
(Funny in that the single most expensive thing on the table is the bottle of champagne I used as a prop!)

As for the bright and light table:

Tablecloth: Custom made from fabric on (
Napkins: Crate & Barrel Outlet ($12 for 12)
Napkin Rings: Pottery Barn (part of their catering set they now sell)
Charger Plates: Ikea ($5 in the As Is Section)
Plates: Dollar Store ($1 each)
Crystal Goblets: Waterford Crystal given to us by my partner's parents
Wine glasses: same ones from the other table -- $5 from Ross Dress for Less
Centerpiece: It is a coffee filter wreath I made for $3
Flower vases: Crystal liquor glasses I found at Ross Dress for Less ($5 for a set of 6)
Candy Pots: crystal pots I found at Marshalls that should hold salt and pepper ($2.99 for the pair)
Party Favor Bowls: Both sets of crystal bowls are from Ross Dress for Less ($2.99 each)
Party Poppers: Mix of homemade using paper towel rolls and some bought from the Dollar Store
Crystal Candlesticks: Pieces I have picked up from antique marts and discount stores - none over $10
Flatware: Mix of mother of pearl from eBay and again my everyday stuff from Costco
Champagne bucket: CB2 (I don't remember the price....
Flowers: I recycled them from the other table....I just dried them off, cut them lower to fit the shot glasses and any leftovers got tucked into the wreath.

So there you have it.  Two tablescapes that basically use similar elements that can be used as inspiration or as jumping off points.  Everything I used is readily available at discount stores, Dollar stores or resale shops.  As I said, I even made sure that the flowers were easy to find and inexpensive (carnations from the super market).

Happy New Year and Happy Entertaining!




  1. Oh, I am in love! That second table especially speaks to me. I'm assuming that is a 90" round as well? I'm always concerned about the seam with a pattern like that, but it seems the seamstress did an AMAZING job! Must have one of those made!!!

  2. SO nicely put together! Cant wait to get my table for a nice dinner party. The mother of pearl pieces are my favorites...need some of those. :)))Have a great new year!