Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Etsy's Dumbo Offices

You've seen me reference etsy on this blog about a trillion times - I've used this kinder, gentler, more creative version of ebay to purchase everything from handmade clothing, jewelry, stationery, party supplies, pillows, art and more!  I love that by shopping on etsy I'm supporting small, creative artisans - it feels good, like shopping at the local farmer's market.

I enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at Etsy's offices in the Brooklyn neighborhood know as Dumbo, as captured by the New York Times.   The offices are almost exclusively decorated with wares purchased from etsy, with each new employee given $100 to spend on the site for goodies to adorn his/her new work space.  To read the article, titled "Online Bazaar Builds On Its Base With Sense of Community" click here.  And check back tomorrow to see our pick of Hollywood Regency items available on etsy!

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