Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Babies and Kids

And here it is... Living Livelier's suggestions for unique and quirky gifts for all the little ones on your list this year...

Incredibly, Happy Blankie was created by a 7 year old who wanted to combine his little sister's love of stuffed animals and blankets.  And the best part?  For every plush adorable blanket you purchase, Happy Blankie will donate one to a child in need through their "One to Give One To Love" program.
Happy Blankie, $32-128

Pick up this gorgeous baby book for your firstborn ('cause God knows no one keeps baby books for baby #2, #3, etc) from Anthropologie:
Baby Book, $22.95

Rickshaw Design features the absolute cutest block print items for the little ones, including this colorful set:

My kids went nuts last year for these 3D glasses.  Slip them on, and watch as the Christmas tree lights you spent half your life testing, hanging, rehanging and replacing are transformed into dancing 3D images of snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen and the like:
3D Christmas Glasses, 14 pair for $19.95

For your little decorista...  let him or her go to town on this cardboard playhouse - freehand, or with the help of reusable seasonal decals:

The main downside to having kids is all the crap they come with.  Make storage fun and stylish with these:

Personally, I can't imagine this ever happening, but apparently at some point in their lives children require alarm clocks to wake up.  If this applies to your kid (lucky!), check out this super fun alarm clock that projects the time and other images on to the ceiling:

No, not facebook.  Facebox!  Your little one can create up to 1000 different images with these super-fun stencils:
Facebox, $10

I'm loving this clear raincoat with marching band detail from Tiny Pants Kids.  So unique!

The Moroccan pouf certainly has taken the world by storm lately.  How about this whimsical version for your little girl's room?
Pouf, $69

Your budding rock star will love this stringless, paper guitar.  It's preloaded with three songs that can be played when little fingers move over the pretend strings: 
PaperJamz, $19.99

Help your child create adorable thank you notes and other notecards using their thumbprint as a jumping off point:

22 days to go!  Happy Shopping!

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