Monday, December 20, 2010

Virtual Holiday House Tour Featuring Christina Brian of Full House

Today's virtual holiday house tour comes courtesy of the gorgeous and talented Christina Brian of the blog Full House.  Christina is mom to twin girls and triplet boys (gulp!), but still manages to find time to create a warm and beautiful home for her family, and to blog about it to boot!  

"Thank you so much for asking me to share snippets of our holiday decor.  This year we approached our holiday decor in a fun way that the kids would love.  We tried to make it a fun party scene and went for bright color.  The scene on the wall includes paper dots trying to recreate confetti.  

The rest included sweets and candy, stars, sequins and peace signs.  The stockings we have had before we even had kids because my husband liked that they actually looked like socks and had a rustic flair.  Now that tree has been a favorite and comes with a story.  I really wanted the same tree that Nordstrom had in their store so I called and got the info of the place they got theirs from.  The only problem is they only sold to retailers.  I talked them into selling the tree to me anyway and after finding how much it would cost to ship it to my home, decided to take a road trip to San Diego with my sister (who had to go anyway) to pick it up.  It barely fit into the car but it made for a memorable trip."

We hope your own holiday preparations are coming along nicely!  Check back this week for virtual holiday house tours from Becky, Courtney of Courtney Out Loud, Traci of Traci Zeller Designs, Tamara of Nest, and more!


  1. Oh my ... I lost all concentration at the idea of twins AND triplets!! My twin boys are about all I can handle. ;-) I adore Christina's fun and whimsical Christmas decor!

  2. Thank you so much for asking me to share snippets of our holiday decor. Have a great holiday week ladies.

  3. could you possibly share the tree manufacturer? I must, must, must have one too!!! Love your blog- your amazing!