Friday, December 17, 2010

TV Easel

We're just eight days from Christmas, and I still haven't solved my tech dilemma I blogged about over the summer, titled "Hey Santa Don't Trip on My Cablebox".  The flat screen is still perched (not installed) over the mantle, with stockings duck taped to its base, and the cable box balances on the pile of wood in the fireplace.  It's a hot mess.

A couple of months I came across this image from House Beautiful and was intrigued by the TV easel in the corner.  It seemed like an original, tongue in cheek kind of way to treat the family/living room reality that is the massive and generally unattractive TV.  

Apparently, not everyone agrees.  Click here to read the Wired article entitled "Hideous TV Easel Will Attract Tacky Lottery Winners".

And if you're a tacky lottery winner, or just like the look anyway, see below for shopping suggestions:

TV Easel, Restoration Hardware, $995


Easel for Plasma TV, Well Appointed Home, $5690 (must include the water-front property)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I like the easel and totally disagree with the Wired article. It reeked of snobbery -- yes I agree that the big hunking metal stand was not the most attractive, but the writer just seemed mean.