Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Bed Reveal!

Okay, I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what the heck this crazy lady has been up to!  After much color testing, disassembling, sanding, painting, repainting, reassembling, my bed is finally complete.  Cue the applause!  The room is not 'done', and I am especially eager to find lamps and a rug that will work, and for a final photo to arrive. 

Here is the 'before' of my bed painted to look old and country.  I always loved the shape and style, but not the sunflower.  It just looks droopy and sad to me!

Color testing and the big debate!  In the end simplicity won and I am delighted.

In pieces in the garage waiting for the make-over:

Sanding thanks to my darling hubby:

Ta dah!  It is all starting to come together, and all the DIY projects are paying off!  Notice the gold frames (DIY post coming soon!), the decorative pillows and the cedar chest?  Isn't it amazing what a little elbow grease and a coat of paint will do?

What have you been up to lately?  Have any DIY projects you'd care to share?  Send them our way and we'll post them!



  1. It looks awesome!! You guys have such a knack for seeing the underlying beauty in pieces. I have a question. My bed is old and stained a deep walnut color with a varnish on it (I think). Can I paint right over the stain or would I need to sand the whole thing down? Thanks!

  2. I am no paint professional, but I would recommend just sanding all the layers off. That way, you can put a good primer on and paint it whatever color you choose! You can also ask at your local paint store - they will have some great advice for you. If you are local, Fresh Paint in Winchester is AWESOME!!!!