Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY - Gold Accents!

After much frustration looking for gold round mirrors for our bedroom, I once again turned to Home Goods for a little help.  Sure I could find gold leaf round mirrors for $800+ each, but simple round mirrors in a "good" gold color were almost non-existent.  They did not exist at Home Goods either, but a pair of lovely round brown mirrors did.

I had recently read "The Bossy Color" Blog by Annie Elliott about  painting a radiator with a "Modern Masters" metallic paint, and was inspired to take a stab at painting my newly acquired round mirrors gold.  After some investigation, I not only found "Modern Masters" metallic paint at a local paint store, but also found out that they indeed have a gold. Actually, not just one gold, but a whole bunch of gold color paints.  No joke. I was able to bring a my favorite gold picture frame to the paint store and select the "right" gold to match my little picture frame to paint my mirrors.  Talk about SCORE!!

Here is a partial snap shot of the Modern Masters Color Palette:

So I was too excited and forgot to photograph the "before" of the mirrors. So here is a "during" picture.  (Can you tell that I do my dirty work in a corner of the basement?) The paint I bought was a "Semi-Opaque" Pale Gold so I needed 3 coats, but that was fine by me.

Here is the little, round, gold frame I was trying to match.  It is difficult to see, but the little frame is the gold I wanted, and the other frame had way to much green in it.

I also bought photo frames, and of course wanted them to match, so you guessed it, they got a coat of my new favorite paint too! (Which look really orange here for some strange reason...)

And here is the end result - cohesive gold frames all around!

Hmmmmmm.... what else would look good in gold??



  1. Fancy! I'm inspired. Can you disclose which local store carries Modern Masters?

  2. Of course! City Paint in Arlington, MA. Also, if you are NOT local on the Modern Masters website there is a "Find Us" feature! We'd love to see your finished project - keep us posted!

  3. Great job! The new room looks beautiful!

  4. Brilliant! I DIY'd some newly gold framed bulletin boards from Hobby Lobby, and I was so pleased with myself!