Tuesday, April 26, 2011

House of Fifty has Launched!

"House of Fifty", an online magazine by Janell Beals, who writes the insanely terrific design blog "Isabell & Max Rooms", launched yesterday after much anticipation.

We met Janell at a special taping of the "The Nate Berkus Show"just for design bloggers.  The tag line pretty much sums it up: "ideas for inspired living" and the magazine delivers.  It features great tips on DIY interior design, fun product suggestions, flower arranging and even recipes.

 My favorite feature was on "Creating a Family Command Center" (makes it sound like mission control!) and if you work and have kids & pets you KNOW you need this!  And guess what?  It doesn't have to look like this:

It can be stylish, functional and beautiful. Wow. Impressive.

And Cristin Preist's (author of Simplified Bee, and another new blogging friend from the Nate Berkus show) "Message Board Chic" was absolutely fabulous paired with it.

The burlap message board and bee push pins from Ballard Design are fantastic!

Now, go read House of Fifty and soak up all those great ideas!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring House of Fifty on your blog! This was such a fun venture to work on and happily busy on issue 2. Glad you enjoyed it!

    p.s. are you attending blogfest? Would be great to see you again. :)