Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TradHome is Live!

The latest online shelter magazine, Tradhome, a collaboration of Lonny and Traditional Home, went live yesterday and it is amazing!

This debut issue not only challenges our perception of what defines "traditional" in design, but it also challenges what exactly a "magazine" looks and feels like in today's techno-savy world. 

For example, after flipping through the first few pages, you hit upon a spread that includes a playful video interview with Jonathan Adler and Charlotte Moss, discussing what traditional design means to them.  To me, these designers' aesthetics seem in complete opposition to one another, but we find they have some common ground in their work (for example, both bow down to the Bergere chair as a staple of traditional design in their interiors).

The main take away from TradHome's debut issue?  That all good design begins with elements that are pretty classic, as a jumping off point.  And look where it can then lead you...

Enjoy the rest of the issue by clicking here.

1 comment:

  1. I had jumping at the bit waiting for this magazine and it did not disappoint! But now I wish this was one I got in the mailbox every month! I loooved it!