Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carter Kustera Color Silhouettes on Cing

A big thank you to fellow design blogger (and twin mom!) Traci Zeller, for giving us the heads up regarding the awesome Carter Kustera sale of custom color silhouettes taking place on Cing.

I have long coveted these striking silhouettes, and love how Kustera has taken the classic form and given it a modern punch with bold colors.

via Little Green Notebook

via Dwelling and Design

an installation at the D&D building in NYC

Kustera's take on Mrs. Obama - dead on, right?

 installation at Barney's

Click here to head over to Cing today to pick up your own 5x7 color silhouette for $20.  You simply take a photo of your child, grown-up, or animal companion (I heard yesterday that the term "pet" has become politically incorrect?) from the side, send it over, and voila!  Deal expires tonight FYI...

Have a great day!

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