Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zatista's Art Explorer Program

I've blogged about Zatista, the affordable site for original artwork, in the past.  Not only does Zatista offer some unique and diverse pieces at accessible prices, but their site has some phenomenal features.  For example, as I wrote about a few months ago, after you click on a piece of artwork, you can see it a virtual room of your choice - and can even select the wall colors of that room.  What a great way to give the art a quasi test run before deciding if the tones work for your fill-in-the-blank color living/bed/dining room.

Now Zatista is offering an "Art Explorer" program which I'm having fun experimenting with.  It does for art what Pandora does for music - offers you suggestions and selections based on your previously indicated preferences.

For example, after selecting this painting:

Zatista informs me that I seem to like "abstract, acrylic landscape paintings".  Good to know!

Based on my first selection, the program then offered me these other suggestions:

Upon selecting the following photograph,

Zatista tells me I have a thing for religious and inspiration photography in sepia, and offers up these suggestions:

Have fun checking it out!

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  1. Hi Deb-
    I'm a painter and I decided to put my smaller pieces up on Zatista. The larger ones seem better marketed to art consultants or galleries.
    Although as an oil painter, I'm a bit dismayed that some folks are turning out tiny paintings that they can then sell for 60 or 70 dollars which might skew the real value of most other people's work. It does seem like it has some great features, they blog regularly, and try and promote the site. I am interested to see what you and others have to say about using it. Thanks.