Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beni Ourain Shopping

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my new obsession with the gorgeous Beni Ourain rugs that have cropped up everywhere lately.

My own bedroom revamp has been postponed, not only because I'm swamped with client projects, stage mom and tooth fairy duties, etc. but because I'm paralyzed about moving forward until I figure out if and how I can score one of these vintage Moroccan beauties for the space!

In case you're also interested, I put together a round-up of what's out there...  It seems that the vintage Beni Ourains are all long and narrow (not ideal for my space), and made with no dyes.  The newer ones, on the other hand, are often made with mixed fibers and use bleach.

I'm most interested in the patterns - I'm looking for something not too symmetrical, but not totally abstract either.  Also, I need chocolate accents as opposed to black, to coordinate with the tones already present in the room.

The first three selections below are all currently listed on 1st Dibs.

The next two can be purchased through Boston's Landry and Arcari.  I love the first, though the second looks like something my kindergartener came up with on her Etch-A-Sketch yesterday...

Tazi Designs (also a great source for affordable Moroccan poufs), carries a nice selection, too.

I think my best option so far has been the connection I made with Maryam, author of the wonderful blog My Marrakech.  Maryam and her family (who are Americans) live in Morocco, where they own and operate Peacock Pavillions.  Not only does Maryam have a book coming out focusing on Moroccan interior design, but she and her husband also source Beni Ourains and sell them to designers and clients around the world!  Check out some of their inventory....

Do you have a favorite?

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