Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School, and This and That

Yesterday was the first day of school for us, and I sent off two first graders (in separate directions, for the first time).  The twin who wouldn't get out of the car for kindergarten last year was so excited that she slept with her first day of school outfit under her pillow, and was up and waiting by the door at the crack of dawn.  My other twin, who started kindergarten with grace last year, cried all morning, insisting that she didn't want to go (and in fact would not go) to first grade.  She finally relented when I told her I'd go to jail for not sending her to first grade.  And then she happily skipped off.

The lobby re-do was apparently met with a standing ovation, which I missed because I was talking (too much, according to one twin) with some moms outside on the playground.

Here's the Chihuly inspired piece the kids made, installed from the ceiling:

And here's the before and afters on the desk chair I rescued from the dump:

Back at our house, I picked up my Brimfield X-benches from the upholsterer.  Remember these?

I used an affordable Kravet velvet, and they look right at home now in my dining room:

On the other side of the room, I ordered two Pagoda lamps to be used as buffet lamps.  They arrived, and I love them.  I then realized there are no electrical outlets on that side of the room.  Lesson learned!

Are you off to school yet, or still enjoying summer?

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