Monday, August 22, 2011

Ian Schrager - Strikes Again!

Ian Schrager has done it again.  If you aren't familiar with Ian Schrager, he has brought iconic design to the humble hotel.  Often credited with perfecting "boutique" hotels, Travel + Lesiure says of the hotel giant,  "it is possible that Ian Schrager has done more to bring design to the travel experience than any other living person - single handedly reinventing the hotel as a site of electrifying cultural significance".  The creator of such iconic hotels as "The Royalton" and "Hudson" in NYC, Ames in Boston, and Delano in South Beach, etc etc etc, has a new Marriott hotel series that is absolutely amazing.  "The Edition" has opened in Istanbul and Waikiki.  "The Istanbul Edition" location is particularly striking with its gold and bronze color palette and mix of dark and light woods.  Istanbul has just moved up several notches on my list of places to go!!

Take a look at this sultry, opulent, brilliant hotel:

Happy Travels!

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  1. Surprised you didn't mention Philippe Stark, the most frequent designer behind Ian Schrager's empire. (Not sure if Stark was involved with Istanbul.) Ian Schrager is first and foremost a savvy businessman, particularly savvy in his foresight to partner with the likes of Philippe Stark, Julian Schnabel, etc., to spearhead his now iconic design vibe.