Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joss & Main Shut Out?

Did you see the D.L. Rhein embroidered pillow sale today at Joss and Main?  For those of you that are new to Joss and Main it is a site where you register and get an email announcing the sale (much like the famed One Kings Lane!!). The sale starts at 11:00am and depending on the nature of the sale, you usually have 1-2 days to purchase. Not so today my friends. I clicked on at 11:00am promptly, only to see "on hold" on all but ONE fabulous D.L. Rhein pillow. You guessed it, I grabbed it. By 11:10am, the entire sale was sold out.

I repeatedly attempted to "refresh" the page in the small hope that one of the "on hold" banners would disappear, thereby enabling me to swoop in and throw it in my shopping cart!!  But the "on hold" quickly turned to a whole page of moroccan tile, chevron, fretwork, link, helix pillows with big, sad "SOLD OUT" stamped across them!

For those of you that were similarly shut out, you can purchase D.L. Rhein pillows at retail sites like Layla Grayce or even D.L. Rhein, but it will just cost you a little more (like double...sorrrry).  Here's a little eye candy to tempt your wallet :)

And if you haven't joined Joss and Main, click here and you too can experience the thrill of the hunt!

Happy hunting!

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