Friday, October 28, 2011

Overcoming Gallery Wall Intimidation with Etsy

Have you always wanted to create a gallery wall in your home, but aren't quite sure where to start, or how to create a cohesive display?  Etsy's got some great collections that can help you cheat your way there...

I recently discovered Little Brown Pen, thanks to Camila's cute nursery project.  This etsy seller features sets of whimsical photographs organized by theme and color.  Order a set of 9 for $145, and get busy framing and hanging!

If you're looking for a more "mod" vibe, visit Etsy seller Modern Art Everyday.  You can purchase a set of 10 prints for $65, and bam, get busy on your gallery wall!

If you've got the prints or photos you want to use, but are stuck on the framing, head over to etsy seller TRWPainted, who has some great collections...

Enjoy your weekend!

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