Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decorator Eye for the Divorced Guy

Earlier this week, the New York Times ran an article about a new niche in decorating for the "perfect" client - the newly divorced, heterosexual male (guess they wanted to publish this kind of unromantic article before Valentines next week!).

And what makes the newly divorced guy the perfect client for an interior designer or decorator?  He tends to be "hands-off", ready to get things done quickly, and he often comes to the table with little more than "one trophy and a mix tape", according to Kimberlee Paige Hanson, 41, the founder of Sexy Bachelor Pad.

One of the greatest challenges in decorating for the recently split single?  He often has kids, so there's the need to design a home that is child-friendly and cozy, but at the same time sophisticated and grown-up enough to entice potential dates...

Here's how I would decorate for the newly divorced guy... rich, masculine tones and textures, with just enough pops of texture and metal to keep things lively...

Divorce Decor

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