Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Conversation Piece

Often during an in-home consultation, one of the first things we address is the furniture placement. Whether you are buying all new pieces or using what you have, it is super important to make sure it all works together not only visually but spatially as well, particularly when it comes to seating arrangements. A general rule of thumb is that if you sit down with other people to have a "conversation" you feel comfortable, are not shouting or awkwardly craning your neck to see everyone, and most importantly that you have a place to put your drink!  Seems like common sense... but you'd be surprised!!  If you find that when you have guests over they stand around - there may be a reason why they don't feel comfortable sitting!!  Shift your seating area around so that they are welcoming, multi-use spaces so that conversation happens easily...

One of my favorite arrangements is two couches facing one another accented with chairs.  I love giving people lots of seating choices. Sometimes you are in the mood to curl up and snuggle and other times you want to sit more upright.  The following two examples also have plenty of layered lighting, toss cushions and tables for drinks/snacks.

Source: houzz.com via Becky on Pinterest

This arrangement of 4 overstuffed chairs and no couch is adorable.  How great would it be to have a few friends over and dish until the sun comes up?!?  Again, there is plenty of accent lighting, tables, and pillows.

I find this living room of particular interest because the fireplace is NOT the focal point!  There is a cozy couch area in the distance and club chairs around a table. (Which sort of reminds me of an airport frequent flyer club lounge...)

Here is a another good example of an inviting seating area on a smaller scale. I like the fact that the chairs are different but that the pieces are unified by color.  It is smaller, but still has plenty of options for seating!

The same concepts hold true for outdoor spaces too!

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  1. Hey Bryant Park ladies, any chance you can i.d. that pretty geometric rug in the photo with blue and green throw pillows (3rd from bottom)? I clicked through to the "fairfieldcounty411" blog and Pinterest and couldn't find any mention of the source...

  2. Yes... pretty sure it's Jonathan Adler (wool flatweave, but pretty soft under foot). :)