Monday, March 5, 2012

Life Size Fairytale Cottages

For the child that has everything, he/she can now have his/her own house. Complete with working skylights, single hung windows, hardwood floors, doorbells and interior lofts, I am quite sure these fairytale cottages are nicer than my first apartment in NYC and possibly larger - no definitely larger!

I came across these lilliputian "homes" on the Walpole Woodworkers website. If you have a spare $5-$10K to spend, one of these lovely homes can be yours, er, your kids!  I have to admit, the Firehouse would be quite a hit in my home...too bad they will have to wait until they can build it themselves and by that time, I think they will have outgrown it.

I wonder if you need a separate building permit to put one of these babies on your property?!?


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