Monday, April 23, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day with Greenhouse Dining

Did you do anything special to celebrate Earth Day this weekend?  Yesterday was dreary and rainy, and my commemoration included munchkins, Doritos, and pizza (and yes, plenty of self-loathing afterwards).  Earlier in the weekend, though, I took my first steps toward more green/earthy/healthy eating by clearing some ground cover and building a raised vegetable garden (OK if you must know the "I" included a local contractor we girls begged for help after 3 different cordless drills crapped out on us).  This week, we'll start planting some leafy greens in hopes of making the "farm to table" thing a "backyard to table" thing for at least a few bites at some point this spring/summer!

Speaking of the growing "farm to table" movement, I was interested to catch a piece in Travel and Leisure Magazine's latest food issue about Beetlebung Farm, a small farm on Martha's Vineyard that is apparently all the rage for its fabulous greenhouse dining.  From his family owned Chilmark farm, chef Chris Fischer serves meals entirely made from ingredients either picked or caught locally that day.

Gabriela Herman, a Brooklyn based portrait, fine art, and lifestyle photographer, captured Beetlebung Farm beautifully...

And the food!!!

And my own, very humble beginnings...

We've got a long way to go!

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