Friday, April 27, 2012

My Untrendy Kid and Her Trendy Hedgehogs

One of my 7 year old daughters, who is super cute and quirky, has got her own thing going on in the fashion department, design department (she presently has given up her upholstered Serena and Lily bed for a comfier spot on the floor in the hallway), and pretty much every other department.   She hates pink, wouldn't be caught dead in a dress or skirt and dresses almost entirely in "Life Is Good" shirts (mostly Boys), velour sweatpants, and a slew of Spongebob bandaids.  No matter how many times I brush her hair, she always looks rather unkempt, and usually comes home looking like she's been in some kind of playground war - scrappy, dirty, disheveled... and happy.

In our fashion and design choices, we're certainly opposites (as we are in personality, pretty much - though we're thick as thieves).  I totally respect that she wouldn't feel right in Lily Pulitzer any more than I'd feel right in sloppy mens clothes, and I dig how she knows what she likes and doesn't give a rat's ass what anybody else thinks, as long as she's comfortable.  

In keeping with her quirkiness, my kiddo has always latched onto, somewhat obsessively, certain objects or ideas that are usually super random.  In the last couple of years, it's been the hedgehog.  We scoured the planet for her hedgehog Halloween costume, and she collects various hedgehog stuffed animals, clothing, garden ornaments, nailbrushes - you name it.

I had to laugh when noticing that my totally untrendy daughter is comically "on trend" with her little obsession... both Tory Burch and Kate Spade are all over the hedgehog theme this season! (WTF?)

Check out Tory's "wallpaper" for your phone, computer, or IPad....

And a hedgehog tunic... are you for real?!

Too cute!

I've had Kate Spade's hedgehog case for a while now, and always assumed I was the only one who ever bought it, because it seems so random.

But apparently it comes in a bag, too....

... and she carries the theme over to this super-cute coin purse!  Love!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ummmm have definitely switched out all of my backgrounds to this. Adore!

  2. Love this post Deb! Alex went through a similar phase with the Platypus. Maybe Kate and Tory will have a Platypus line someday... ;)