Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Domino Quick Fixes: Have you Found It?

To the excitement of design aficionados everywhere, our long lost Domino has been resurrected in the form of a "special edition" (sorry, it's not coming back on a monthly basis) called "Quick Fixes".  

Facebook and Twitter have been abuzz about this exciting development... but mostly with people saying "where do I get it", and "can't find it anywhere"...

We haven't had any luck yet either - but will be back on the hunt today.  For $11, let's hope it's a decent issue with some new material, rather than a resurrection of their old stuff (which I, like many people, have memorized at this point).

Murphy Deesign posted a page from the new issue - loved this image when it came out several years ago.. but don't need to pay $11 to see it again!

This image she also posted is a little more hopeful - brand new material featuring some so right-now watercolor-looking and totally stunning wallpaper! 

Let us know if you've found the new issue (and what you think and where to get it!).

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  1. I purchased this magazine. It was TOTALLY worth the 10 bones it set me back. I am going to start the new collection of the Domino mags. Wish I still had the old :/

  2. I'm in Boston and I cant find it ANYWHERE! Its killing me, I want to get my hands on it sooo bad and I cant seem to find it anywhere! boooooo

  3. Hi. As of this morning when I passed by, News Inc in Manhattan on 77th & Broadway has copies of Domino's Quick Fixes. They're on display on the window too. :)

  4. I've heard several people have found it at Target and I went today and found it! I've also heard that it's been found at the grocery store (Kroger to be specific) and Home Depot.