Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Domino Inspired: the Rug Headboard

Becky was able to hunt down a couple of the Domino issues for us yesterday (at the Burlington Barnes and Noble, if you're local and are looking!).  The issue was decent, but not amazing.  The features were a little more neutral and minimalist than the interiors I've been digging lately, but still fun to look through.  As for the DIY, most pointers were kind of been there/done that - but to be fair, how many great DIY home projects can you do before hiring in the big guns?

My favorite "quick fix" in the issue features the following headboard, enhanced (tremendously) by simply draping a Madeline Weinrib rug over the fabric.  LOVE!  I mean, what wouldn't look better with a little Weinrib thrown in?

The folks at Gramercy Linens and Furniture had the same idea with one of Weinrib's other popular rugs...

Suzanis and other trinal rugs and patterns also make popular headboard alternatives...

Martyn Lawrence Bullard via Charles Progers

via Decorati

Dean Fisher via Apartment Therapy

Martha installed a simple rod to make this pretty rug into an unusual headboard...

Martha Stewart

If you're "a little bit country", this might be you fave.  Looks like a Dash and Albert rug to me...

via Inspiration for Home

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