Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AHA Moments!

Last week, as part of Blogfest 2012, we heard Newell Turner and "next wave designers" Michael Herold, Jill Goldberg, and Jon Call describe the "Aha!" moments they encountered and created in their work.  House Beautiful challenged us bloggers and designers to write about our own "Aha!" moments as designers.

In the two years since we've opened the doors to Bryant Park Designs, one of our biggest "Aha!" moments has been the realization that not every piece in every room we work in has to be a high priced "to the trade" item.  Alternately, we've found that "everything old is new again", and we've enjoyed bringing history, affordability, and (some good stories) to our projects by mixing the finest home furnishings with pieces reclaimed from antique markets, second hand stores, and even the dump.

While the New York Times' Guy Trebay recently decried the "dreary reality of DIY", we're not convinced!  Take for example the orange desk below, salvaged from the dump, painted a fiery orange and fancied up with some Chiang Mai wallpaper...

The same wallpaper applied to the back wall of an antique secretary brought fresh life to a family heirloom.

In the sitting room below, the ottoman, X-benches, aqua chairs, and tea table all came from sources as diverse as Brimfield Antique Market, Craigslist, and the "transfer station".  With reupholstery in fine fabrics and a little tweaking here and there, we find these objects make the room.

These dining chairs had a previous life in someone else's home, until we scored them on 1st Dibs, removed the country-bumpkin tie on cushions, had them upholstered in a gorgeous silk and paired them with a custom pedestal table we commissioned.  We're pretty sure they're grateful for the upgrade.

All photography by Michael J. Lee.

Do you have a favorite space in your home, inspired by your "Aha!" decorating moment?
Deb and Becky

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  1. That white silk fabric on those chairs is gorgeous, and it matches everything so well. I wish my dining room looked like this!