Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Mini-Van Meets Vegetable Garden, and The First Lady's White House Garden

Have you caught any of Michelle Obama's press as she promotes her new book American Grown, about the White House vegetable garden?  She's been everywhere, from Good Morning America, to The View, to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

My girls and I have enjoyed watching our own raised vegetable (mainly lettuce) garden grow like mad over the last month or so.  Until, that is, I ran into it last evening with our mini-van in a rushed interlude between the twins' Daisies crossing-over ceremony and lacrosse practice.  Argh!

I knocked the whole thing a couple of feet to one side, as vast beautiful bounties of argula, spinach and other lettuces felt the earth move.  My main instinct was to try to put the whole thing back together in such a way as to prevent my husband from gaining any further evidence of my terrible driving skills.  My best friend and I jumped out of our cars immediately to try to save the garden, only to encounter a disgusting snake among the lettuces, which stopped us in our tracks.  Argh!

Fortunately (or so I thought) my husband is exceptionally unobservant.  However, when arriving home last night, he apparently asked our 3 year old what animal got into the vegetable garden, to which she replied "Mommy's car".  Busted!  Argh!  At this point, I'm not sure of the integrity of the garden and lettuces, so if you have any awesome recipes that include arugula and spinach in particular, please send along!

Yesterday, I caught a couple of the First Lady's appearances promoting her book American Grown.  The skeptic in me considers the election year release, though I must say I appreciate the message of examining what it is we're putting into our, and our children's bodies, within the larger framework of combating childhood obesity.

An impressive harvest!

I'm especially interested to try some of the First Lady's recipes (particularly any involving spinach or arugula!).  But I think I'll start with the Minted Spring Pea salad...

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  1. if Bailey were there she would've got rib of all the bunnies and snakes for you

  2. LOL, Deb! I can only imagine you and KR at the scene. xoxoxox