Monday, May 14, 2012

Best of the New Lonny

The new Lonny hit the virtual stands last week, and is undeniably awesome (unlike the new Domino, which I thought was just kind of OK).  

Some favorite images, products, ideas...

Two of the most compelling stories feature homes designed by Jamie Meares and Christy Ford.  Every shot in each story is styled like nobody's business - the layers and details are just to die for.  While Meares uses color and pattern with abandon, Ford serves up a neutral base to highlight her intriguing collections.  Notice these differences in the beautiful children's rooms they designed (but do check out the entire stories here)...  

Absolutely love how the the mother-daughter team behind Good Bones, Great Pieces filled this very contemporary lucite coffee table with antique quilts - just adoring that juxtaposition!  The McGrath's have a new book out on the "seven pieces that will carry you through a lifetime", which looks like a winner.

Surely you've noticed that everything peacock is huge this season.  I'm already sick of it.  BUT, I do like this graphic peacock feather wallpaper, which turns the trend a bit by delivering it up in black and white.  Love how the pattern distorts here in the mirror and through the crystal bedside table lamp.

I first "met" (virtually) Maryam Montague a year or so ago, when I purchased two authentic Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs for my bedroom through her and her husband Chris.  Since then, she's been everywhere, publishing a book, and winning features in a recent Elle Decor, as well as the cover of this Lonny.  It's no wonder...

I wish more decorating magazines had clear illustrations like this one, showing the best options for treating the wall above your headboard.  I've been debating what, if anything, to put above my own for a while.

Enjoy the issue!

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