Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Building a Raised Veggie Garden Bed

Mother's Day is a lovely time to celebrate "Mom" and all the things she does throughout the year. Some might celebrate over brunch, some might take a day and spend it at the spa or shopping, but Deb and I had entirely different agendas. While Deb spent her Mother's Day up to her eyeballs in little girls, tutus, buns and 5 costume changes, I spent the day with my boys, a trip to the hardware store, power tools and dirt.  Quite a contrast no? Seriously though, I really wanted a vegetable garden and Mother's Day seemed to be as good as any day to build it!

I am almost too embarrassed to show you where the raised bed is going. This is a back corner of the yard that no one sees - which is probably why it is so lame. But it is also the place that gets the most uninterrupted sun through out the day,  so here is my chance to spruce it up a bit! 

Yep! Nothing says "Mother's Day" than a hard working husband and power tools. (Please tell me you can hear the irony in my voice!)

So we started out with 4 rough cuts of Fir (Pine rots too easily, Teak was too expensive and apparently you can't use pressure treated wood for a consumption garden...who knew?!? ) and trimmed them down to two 4' lengths and two 6' lengths.  We fastened them together at the corners with 3" screws and then covered the bottom with chicken wire - to prevent any unwanted critters from burrowing up into the vegetable garden.

The results of a mid-project romp to our local garden center!!

We then attached 4 posts to the corners so that we can wrap it in "poultry" mesh, again to keep the critters out. And then came the hard part. We had to dig out some of the garden bed to be able to set the new veggie garden bed in place.  I am not going to lie, this part was a pain in the neck - which is probably why I only have an "after" photo.

We used top soil blended with "Coast of Maine - Lobster Compost" and "Chickity-Doo-Doo". And then planted it with peas, spinach, arugula, lettuce, beets, carrots, chive, cilantro, and broccoli.  The tomatoes are destined for those pots that are currently against the wall.

We have more to go to get this bed in shape, but it is certainly coming along!

And on another note, I discovered the most adorable thing on Mother's Day!! 

Yep! Three little baby robins in a nest on my rose trellis! 

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there!!! And to my little Robin!

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  1. Thanks for the photos, you are going to have one very full raised bed in a month or so.