Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barn Charm!

I am a sucker for a good barn. My Mom grew up in South Dakota and the highlight, growing up,  of my summer vacation was going to see my grandparents. Though they didn't live on a farm - in fact far from it - my Grandpa was a big horse man and we spent a big chunk of time at the barn; riding and grooming horses, watching my grandfather shoe them, climbing in and out of the buggies and haylofts, chasing crickets, playing with the barn cat and the inevitable litter of kittens. What's not to love? I grew to love the smell of hay, horses and leather.

Here I am on "Trixie" at about age 4...though come to think of it, it might have been "Pixie".  My Grandpa had "matching" ponies for my sister and I, and I don't think I ever knew which was which!

We went to a "Summer Solstice" event on Friday night at the historic Wright Locke Farm in Winchester and if you have never been, you MUST go!!  Being at Wright Locke Farm brought those memories flooding back.  This incredible space was originally built in 1827 and the conservatory has been working hard to bring it back to its original use and splendor.  They have begun farming the land, raising chickens and lambs and have started an educational program over the summer for elementary-aged students.

Love the mason jars with candles suspended from the tree.

Sunset ;)

To add ambiance, (as if there wasn't enough...) they strung Christmas lights through old wooden ladders and balanced them between the right and left sides of the barn...

The hay loft!

Would you look at the amazing architectural structure?!?

An old wagon in beautiful condition.

And I am guessing an old horse blanket ;)

I am by no means an "equestrian" (you might have noticed that the pony I was sitting on (be it Trixie or Pixie) was tied to that antique cutter...I am not what you'd call the adventurous type!!) but I do think the barn would be well served by a couple of lovely horses!!


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