Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bunny Mellon's Garden Estate

If you've had the stomach to follow the John Edwards trial, you might be familiar with Bunny Mellon, the 102 year old benefactor who helped underwrite Edwards' campaign, um, rather, extramarital affair love child, baby mama, etc.  As the story goes, Mrs. Mellon (widow of banking heir Paul Mellon, best friend of Jackie O) wrote checks to her decorator for "an antique Charleston table" and "bookcases", and those checks were then signed over to support the life and times of the destined-to-pose-in-her-undewear mistress Rielle Hunter.

Anyway, Mrs. Mellon has amassed some serious cred as a horticulturalist and gardener, as Vanity Fair's  photos of her Oak Spring, Virginia estate show.

Regrettably, at age 102, Mrs. Mellon is blind.  So if I were to sit very quietly on a potting bench in the corner of this stunning greenhouse and pretend it's all mine, she wouldn't notice, right?

The greenhouse features exquisite trompe l'oeil murals by Fernand Renard.

Mellon's veggie gardens....

...and tea house and reflecting pool.

Not bad, right?
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