Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Charlotte Moss and the NYCB

Having the good fortune to work at New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center for a couple of years, I was particularly curious to open an email from the hugely talented Charlotte Moss showcasing her designs for their Spring Gala last month.

A major perk of spending each day working among the most talented performing artists in the world (like that wasn't perks enough!) was the opportunity to attend and be involved in the various galas and fundraisers that help keep the company funded.

For the party following the performances, a challenge is how to transform an enormous, several stories high "blank slate" lobby (built to resemble the inside of a jewelry box) into a seemingly intimate and festive space.

See below, with images from her website, how Charlotte Moss transformed the theater into a Spring  garden party.  I just love everything about the lush floral designs - especially how the enormous hydrangea centerpieces collectively serve to create, a second lower ceiling in the overwhelming space.  Amazing...

Of course, one can't help but wonder if the some of the cash spent on these stunning designs might be better served funding the arts directly... but I guess the big donors don't come out for chicken nuggets and carnations!


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