Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Design Love: Darryl Carter

One of the great pleasures of attending Blogfest 2012 was the opportunity to see designer Darryl Carter, among others, in an Elle Decor panel held at Hearst Tower.  Mr. Carter has the most recent Elle Decor cover, featuring his design of consultant David Morey's Pennsylvania home.

Check out the cocktail table in the living room below... I am just so impressed with this.   The smaller cherry table was an important family piece, constructed by Morley's father.  When its scale didn't work with the room, Mr. Carter found a brilliant way to make it work by encasing it in a white metal structure.  While the new piece has some rather modern and stark lines, I think it totally works in a room brimming with curvier upholstered pieces.  

On the aforementioned table, Mr. Carter designed a sleek stand to showcase a rock the homeowner brought back from Kilimanjaro.  Kudos to Darryl Carter for reflecting the client's heritage, travels, and experiences in his designs - LOVE!

If you've been reading my posts earlier this week, you might guess how I feel about this kitchen.  So.  Jealous.

Clearly, Carter's got the white-washed, throw in texture, contrast, history and detail thing down pat.

In the guest room - not sure I'm ready to cozy up in one of those beds, but I do adore the book shelf display - who knew the exposed pages were as interesting to look at as the bindings?

A shot from the Blogfest panel...

Have a great day!

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