Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hermes, you've done it again!

Did you happen to catch the full-page, back cover add of Hermes in the New York Times Magazine?  It is such a stunner!!  The model looks like a giant butterfly resting on the tree.  Simply amazing.

It's not the first time Hermes has created a visually stunning ad campaign...

I mean, what elephant wouldn't enjoy a little face painting in the name of raking in cold hard cash for a luxury brand?  Hope they got some peanuts or something (in addition to the pedicure)...

Here's hoping this horse is heading to my house.  Even if the boxes are empty - I could work with that.

It's criminal to think about winter right now, but I do love these old ads...

That's more like it...

What's your favorite?
Becky and Deb


  1. Their artistry translates across the board, no? Thank you for sharing their latest -- I remember how the igloo advert had my heart at go!

  2. Adore the Butterfly , the elephants...oh I really love them all!!

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