Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Local Garden Tour, through the Lense of a Seven-Year Old

One of my girls has had a challenging (but not bad) year.  Her learning in 1st grade has come along slowly, and with many struggles.  It's not easy to realize you might learn more slowly than many of the other 1st graders, especially the other 1st grader that lives in your house and your room (her twin's too scared to sleep in her own room by herself)!  

I've been trying to help this oldest daughter tease out her passions and strengths, and one of her strong interests is gardening.  So yesterday, I decided to surprise her by picking her up early, unannounced from school to attend the local garden tour with me (after gaining special permission to bring a child).  She was thrilled when I handed her her ticket in the school hallway, but then positively over the moon, dying with delight, when she realized this trip was just for her, and neither of her sisters would be attending.

I gave her my camera to take pictures of anything she liked during the tours.  This is what she came up with...

As this second photo implies, we were caught in a torrential downpour just a few minutes after we set out...

Her day got even better when she spotted this cute dog on one of the tours (her other passion is animals, and as such a very difficult aspect of her young life is the fact that we do not have a pet).

Here she is under her favorite tree ever - a weeping willow.  She squeals whenever she sees one.

She ended the afternoon turning in Mom's coupon for a free cookie at the bakery for having participated in the local trash survey (literally).  Life is good!

Have a great weekend,
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  1. This post is a thousand kinds of awesome. Love her. And love her photos.

  2. What a good mama you are, Deb!

  3. Love it Deb! She did a fabulous job taking pictures. We can't wait to see you guys!