Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mismatched Dining

Seeing Reese Witherspoon's Ojai dining room featured in the latest issue of Elle Decor (this is the pad Robert Pattinson has reportedly been wallowing in since the cheating scandal), got me to thinking of the mismatched dining chair trend.  I think the look works here - partially because Witherspoon's home is very casual and eclectic - but that it's not always a slam dunk.

For example, this arrangement is just jarring and confusing to me...

via Anthology Magazine

... and this set up borders on cute, but does not provide the conformity or consistency my eye is looking for...

via Apartment Therapy

Sarah Jessica Parker's dining room below, on the other hand, is a slam dunk with various styles of chairs unified by color (and the spectacular chandelier isn't hurting things, either).

A similar concept...

via The Decorologist

Jenna Lyon's dining room, and the several that follow it, trend lightly with the concept - alternating between just two chairs.  

via Domino

via Design Sponge

via Pinterest

via Belle Maison 23

via Southern Living

This totally spectacular image implies that the concept can be used in formal spaces, too!

Would you try mismatched dining seating in your home?

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