Friday, September 14, 2012

In the News: Amanda Nisbet

I've always been a fan of the wildly talented designer Amanda Nisbet, so it's been fun to see all of her recent features in advance of her new book release tomorrow.  You name it - Better Homes and Gardens, Lonny, 1st Dibs - everyone is talking about Amanda Nisbet!

Nisbet dispensed some great advice on mixing colors and patterns in the latest issue of Lonny.  In terms of color, she warned, "choose patterns in colors of a similar hue - a very strong, saturated shade next to a pastel won't work".  With these words of wisdom in mind, I got a kick out of noticing two very different versions of her own NYC apartment, as I googled the blogosphere in the name of all things Amanda Nisbet.

In one scenario, her gorgeous living room is fairly monochromatic in the major factors - walls, rugs, anchoring furniture, with pops of color provided through lamps and pillows.  We'll call this Version I.

Whereas in this shot below (Version II), boldly colored window treatments and furniture provide a significantly punchier approach.  (And, for the record, I have no idea which scenario is the "before" and which is the "after".)

I'm intrigued by how totally different the next two identical shots feel, despite the fact that only two large factors shift - the color of the drapes, and the accessories beneath the table (fluffy cushions in Version I vs. lucite boldly covered in blue in Version II)...

A close-up of the mantle/table vignettes of both scenarios...

And two opposing views of the long wall...  I think I prefer the colors of Version I, but the scale of the artwork in Version II.

In the long-view, Christopher Spitzmiller's yummy lamps are among the only consistent pieces between scenarios...

What's your preference?  Version I or II?  I have to say, despite my love of bold color, I'm majorly preferring Version I with its ethereal, dreamy sensibility.  And I think it mostly closely follows Nisbet's own previously mentioned advice on color!

Similarly, Nisbet switched things up in her master bedroom.  I love both versions...

In other news, we're thrilled to have a project featured in this Sunday's Boston Globe Magazine's Style Watch column!  If you're in the Boston area, we hope you'll check it out - and if not, we'll try to link you to it on Monday's blog post...

Have a great weekend!
Deb and Becky

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  1. How many copies shall I purchase? Can't wait to see the article.......Bravo....

  2. Can't wait to see the Globe article! Congrats :)